Friday, March 20, 2009

SOtD: Slackin'


Yes Yes Y'all

Well, as you can probably guess from the headline, I have in fact survived finals. I have emerged the insomniac daze in which I wandered for the last week, ready to break it down. By my count I've missed 3 days of SOtD's... so here's a post to make up for all that! I'm falling back into my banger's habit though, so if you don't like to get funky to super loud basslines going WONK WONK WOOOOOOKAKAKAKAKAKA! then you probably will not enjoy this post as much. But if you are... FEAST YOUR EARS! BECAUSE I TELL YOU MOTHERFUCKERS, I'M GONNA BE BUMPING THESE TRACKS AT MAXIMUM VOLUME AT ABOUT 2 AM TONIGHT, AND I WANT TO SEE YOU ALL THERE UNDER THE BLACKLIGHT GETTIN' FUNKY. DO IT.


1. - BLACK ELEMENT - IT'S ALL RELATIVE (FAMILY FIRST) - DOWNLOAD = WAIT, HIP-HOP? FROM BOSTON? WTF IS GOING ON HERE? Well, it's just too damn West Coast to ignore, ironically enough. Old skool sample heavy chorus, flutes and horns, laid back rhymes about your fam... put this on to keep the atmosphere mellow while sober people are still showing up...
2. - BUCKETHEADS - THE BOMB (JOHN MAZELLA REMIX) - DOWNLOAD = This one is really just good because that little vocal sample is so good, but just cause it's simplistic doesn't mean it's not a shitload of fun...
3. - DJ MEHDI - TUNISIA BAMBAATA (MERCURY REMIX) - DOWNLOAD = WHAT'S THAT? THE 30 RACK'S JUST ABOUT GONE? Sheeeeeit! The spot is starting to get a little crackin', people in the kitchen starting to take out the vodka, making screwdrivers and greyhounds (vod+grapefruit's dank. try it), all the dude's on beer 4 or 5, definitely a little loosey goosey attitude starting to spread... so we put on this track, somewhere in between an electro banger and morocco... Toes are definitely starting to tap...

1. - HEAVYFEET - WE GETTIN CRUNK (A1 BASSLINE REMIX) - DOWNLOAD = A1 BASSLINE OWNS MY BRAIN! Alright, vodka just ran out, oh shit, is that a handle of cuervo? NAH BITCH IT'S TITO'S! AMERICA, FUCK YEAH! Pretty self-explanatory - the song is about getting crunk, and A1 Bassline is always sick.
2.- DESIGNER DRUGS - BACK UP IN THIS(LE CASTLE VANIA + TOO MANY REMIX) - DOWNLOAD = People are now legitimately drunk. Dance party is suggested. The vodka's gone, so now everyone's taking shots of crown or henny because that's what's left. Start the dance party off by combining fat speakers with this song's overwhelming and ever-building bassline. When that shit drops you'll feel it in your chest, look up, and realize shit just. got. real.
3. - JACK BEATS - GET DOWN - DOWNLOAD = OH MY FUCKING GOD. props to tommy la hancha blancha for turning me on to this song. God. Damn. Just the sickest wobbly bassline, backed up by a seriously fucking pumped beat. HIGH ENERGY LEVEL. The blacklight just came on, and is that a strobe? Seriously. Is that girl breakdancing?
4. - DANCE AREA - AA 24/7 (DIPLO REMIX) - DOWNLOAD = D-D-D-D-DIPLO! Straight genius from Diplo... jt pesos posted this a little bit ago, but it bears re-posting. At this point, everyone's breaking it down, every single drop of booze has been consumed, the strobe is bustin', and then... THUMP THUMP THUMP... Bmore beats dropping like bombs, straight LAZER bass slicing through... great way to mix it up a bit from the straight electro feel...
5. - MR.OIZO - POSITIF (DJ MANAIA REMIX) - DOWNLOAD = I'm tired of writing descriptions. The friendly bmore beat that opens the song is just a trick to get people moving for the crazy oizo synths. definitely everyone should be tanked if this is coming on. WOO! YEAH!
6. - A1 BASSLINE - BAD MAN HORROR THEME - DOWNLOAD & BADMAN HORROR THEME (MUSTARD PIMP REMIX) - DOWNLOAD = We've been over this. A1 Bassline is the shit. The Mustard Pimp remix turns it from a song in a guy ritchie movie's big scene to the song from guy ritchie's nightmares.

1. ESSER - LET'S WORK IT OUT (A1 BASSLINE REMIX) - DOWNLOAD = It's 2:30 am, there's 5 people left and everybody's drunk is starting the turn into fatigue... fortunately, one fat j later, everyone gets a sudden burst of energy, and breaks it down hard one last time. Times like these call for fat beats but also that pop vocal hook, make everyone realize how much fucking fun the night was.
2. CALVIN HARRIS - I'M NOT ALONE (DEADMAU5 REMIX) - DOWNLOAD = 4 am, dance party offically over, black light off, normal lights on, everyone's just wiped, collapsed on the couch. Another j, dj software off, put this on in itunes and walk away and collapse yourself.. Let the beat wash over you, smile, and get ready for tomorrow night...


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  1. that john mazella remix is the corniest house song I have ever heard. What gay bar did you find that song in, CAUSE IT IS DOPE AS HELL