Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Some Donuts? Why Not

Here's some random shit:
Keeping with the study music theme here at your favorite blog, I just uploaded two of my favorite tracks from J Dilla's instrumental masterwork Donuts. If you are not familiar with J Dilla or the album, No Trivia goes into way more detail than anyone ever needs. These are two of the smoother tracks that I love playing when I need a little instrumental relaxation. The album should really be listened to all at once, so go do some work. 

THANK GOD FOR THE NCAA TOURNAMENT. Some games that finally MEAN SOMETHING. As long as Duke and UNC lose quickly, I will be satisfied. (Spoiler: GO ZAGS!)

I have become completely bored with this NBA season. There seems to be an important game once a month, and then I completely forget about it a little while after. Nothing is going to change before the playoffs: The Cavs have too easy a closing schedule with too many home games to not get home court in the finals. The Lakers season has come to a point of static. Hopefully the road trip coming up will get their head straight, like the earlier 6-0 eastward swing, but there is nothing left to prove, nothing new to bring out, at least until "Bynumite" comes back. In a way, there is no point to the right now Lakers do anything but go through the motions. This is not the team that they will have in the playoffs, and there is no difference for them on a night to night basis in the standings. That's a problem for me, and the NBA as a whole. 

And there are no more funny commercials:

Spring break (I love old beer commercials):

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