Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Song of the Day: Successful All-Nighter Edition

The Big Payoff

Song(s) of the Day: 3/16 & 3/17

SIGH OF RELIEF. *PHEW*. I sometimes amaze even myself with the lengths I will take my procrastination. No matter when I start working, or how long the assignment is, I simply cannot complete a paper a. more than 20 minutes before it's due, and b. without pulling an all-nighter. Something is wrong with me... I just can't bring myself to put pen to pad (well, finger to keyboard) until it's 2 am, and my higher cognitive functions are just slightly starting to erode. Once the caffeine I've been near-OD'ing on through endless pots of coffee peaks, it's a race against time to get as much written before I lose my ability to put together coherent sentences. I'm STILL feeling loopy, and I even got a couple hours of nap in. All-nighters make you feel like a crackhead once the sun comes out, and ruin your ability to be productive for the whole next day... so why do I do them? Besides my fundamental character defects, I think it's because I crave the relief that courses through your body when you're on the way back from turning in the paper, biking/getting driven by your roomate because he rocks/skating home, and your ipod 'shuffle songs' function just picks that absolute sunny day uptempo feel-good anthem you needed, and you realize you did it, you finished that motherfucking paper, and you're done with that class, and BAM! You're flying home but don't even feel like you're putting a dent in your energy level, head's bobbing, and everything is right with the world. Of course, then you get home and realize you're not gonna get anything useful done for the rest of the day, but oh well - crack a brew, enjoy the weather, and once you're bored of fucking around, get in bed, and feel your body just RELAX. See you tomorrow...

SOtD - 3 Part All-Nighter Edition - Artist - Song

Pt. 1 - It's 5 AM, 4 Pages Down, 6 to Go, So of Course I'm on Facebook: Audio Bullys - Flickery Vision (Rusko's Staying Awake Remix) - DOWNLOAD

Pt. 2 - The Big Payoff: Curtis Mayfield - Move on Up - DOWNLOAD

Pt. 3 - Sweet Oblivion: Booka Shade - Night Falls - DOWNLOAD

Download that shit! I guarantee you'll like at least one of the three (probably the Curtis Mayfield... but you never know!). If not, your money back and you can call me an asshole next time I see you.

Next Time, on TUWP 2: Barely Educated, ESPN personality David Thorpe actually answers my questions. Tune in tomorrow - same time, same channel!

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