Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Always Anytime 24/7"- JT$ Hard Recap

Download this first: Dance Area- AA 24/7 (Diplo Remix) (Direct Link- DL quickly)
(I originally thought they said "Always Anti 24/7", which sounds dope to me, but looking back was a pretty weird chorus for a dance song.)

First of all, let me congratulate Dan on yesterday's post. Without mentioning that the post was one of the best we've put up, the fact that anything was written is an accomplishment in itself. I needed an extra day to get my head clear enough to write a post with anything resembling coherency. I'd like to thank Dan for spreading his feelings of peace and love. We like to give different perspectives here at TUWP, so I'm going to share some thoughts about the expericne. Here is my quick thoughts of the Hard 13 rave/ show/whatever the hell that was:

- Fuck all ages shows. You don't want to know how many kids had braces and headgear at this thing. 

D.I.M.- Played this house jam classic.  Reminded me of Italy. I was completely sober.

- I fully support hip-hop DJs like A-Trak(Kanye's former DJ and brother of Dave 1 of Chromeo, real name Alain Macklovitch, btw), , jumping into the electro scene by bringing some hip-hop influence to their remixes. Get money mi amigos. 
A-Trak brings the funk party on this track: Bounce. Illy. 

-For every white girl looking like a hooker from the 5th Element, there was a huge hombre rocking a baseball hat with a bandana over his mouth. In conclusion: LA is an interesting, ethnically diverse place.)

-My words to Dan during Erol Alkan: "You know why electro sucks? Because everybody is trying to be Erol Alkan, but nobody can touch him." Enough said. 
Grade: A

Diplo: This is the main reason I came to Hard 13 and the main reason for this long-ass blog post. I will admit to wasting your time until now, because this was where everything went beserk for me. Diplo singlehandedly destroyed the place, and I don't mean that in a good "dude killed it, he was so great!" kinda way, but in a "warplane dropping a bomb on suspected terrorist house and leaving the bodies of innocent civilians in its wake." That's what the dancefloor looked like after he left. 

Diplo came out a little after 1 am. With Lil fucking Jon. At this point many in the crowd were coming down from whatever drugs they had taken and just wanted to touch something and look at light shows. That is not the state you want an audience to be in when you have Diplo playing baltimore club music and fidget house with Lil Jon shouting his head off over it. The people could not keep up at all and I think dude just gave up and stuck to dubstep and threw in some hip-hop for fun. But fuck it, I love that he had the balls to be the only act on the bill that wasn't purely electro and fucked all the candy ravers up. "You wanna come to a rave and believe in PLUR(peace love unity respect, apparently), well, here's Lil Jon telling you to put your middle finger in the air and yelll "fuck them mothfuckas," with the video flashing "GET CRUNK". Beautiful. Extra points for baile funk and dancehall mixing it up:
Best part of the night: BMORE!!!! CROOKERS!
You might say, "Why would Lil Jon be at a rave?" Answer: Lil Jon is sampled in almost every single baltimore club song, and Diplo is a club DJ, not a rave DJ. Big ups to both of them. 

-Conclusion: Make sure your pills are not mellow for Diplo. 


  1. Sick review. Sounds like the show was pretty ill. From the vids in this post though, it looks like Diplo - and Lil Jon - stole the show.

  2. props toobi, this post is illie. the erol alkan quote - classic, even if i don't agree. what i do agree with is that 'hookers from the fifth element' is probably the most apropos description of raver girls (ESPECIALLY the ones w/braces and headgear and what not. what you meant to say was all ages shows suck because they make you feel like a lecherous old man) of all time. ever. that diplo remix is class, as always, but it's important to note that diplo did start off his track with fat electro-club bangers - my favorite kind. electro can be non-rave! also the whole 'retroactively posted' thing weirds me out. PROPS

  3. oh yeah and that house track IS sick, d.i.m. was ill, wish we had gotten there for his set..

  4. yea agree with the "lecherous old man" feeling. I am way more comfortable being one of the young ones at a club/show losing their shit rather than the elder getting angry at 13 year olds for not getting down with bmore club music. And Diplo did start off with some bangers+Lil Jon shouting, but fools could not stay with him during the club shit. I pretty much felt like the only one in the building who came to lose their shit to a Diplo set, with all of the hip-hop and rather than just going there because they think its cooler than their high school dance.