Saturday, March 14, 2009

Song of the Day: Hard 13 Edition

So! Brand new feature here on the blog that I decided to make happen about 34 seconds ago, because I was just sitting in my room, headbanging violently to Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats Remix) by AC Slater, having flashbacks to 2 am last night when Erol Alkan (or was it Diplo? it's all kinda hazy now...) dropped this banger, and the bass just annihilated my fucking life, and when I pried my lids open and looked around I could see that everyone else was rocking out just as fucking hard, and not much beats that feeling.. .and I decided that I wanted to share a little slice of the tunes that get me through the day with all of you (that's right, ALL of you - all 5000. or 6. It's one of those two numbers). Anyways, from now on I'm gonna upload a song to mediafire for you to download and get funky to. It's not gonna be all bangers - just whatever song happens to seem appropriate for that day, and maybe a little explanation of WHY that song. They'll mostly be .mp3s, some .m4a's - if for whatever reason you're not using itunes and you want an .mp3 version, if you take the effort to post in the comments i'll take the time to convert the file and repost it. Sweet!


-Q: Why is this song different from other SOtD's? (the fifth passover question..)
A: Last night Dan and JT Pesos went to the HARD 13 rave/electro concert/whatever at the Shrine Expo Center for a night of drugs, dancing, old friends, new friends, insane light shows and $4 bottles of water. While Lil' Jon showing up for Diplo's set was pretty funny, by far the lastingest impression from the night was hearing the absolutely insane dubstep-inspired house banging bassline from this song drop. Broke it down so hard, and then after retiring to a friend's pad up in the valley and posting up on the couch for two of the fattest j's ever seen (seriously, it was like the joint that grew up in the blunt neighborhood, always got made fun of for being a skinny little j, and so grew up overcompensating by being more blunt-y than a blunt. Bob Marley woulda smoked something like this joint) - and proceeded to fall into a sleep-like state of deep relaxation in which this song just kept replaying in my head. Woke up, it was still there - walking around all sounding like a crazy person (from the perspective of people who don't break it down) making "bwwwaaaaoow buppa bwwaoooowwww" sounds. SO SICK. Play this when the party's raging, everyone's drunk and the shit's about to get real.

-Q:Why is this song different from other SOtD's?
A: Because it's dedicated to something we can all relate to, even if we didn't go to HARD 13 - that day after you raged it too hard, till 5 in the morning. The day when you crawl out of bed/off the couch at 1 pm, pull your face together, pound some water, smoke a little weed and cruise to a fat breakfast. Those mornings-that-are-actually-afternoons full of dazed looks, fucked up hair, hangovers, sunshine, constant retelling of all the awesome shit that happened (that you can remember), and a rich and deep appreciation for how amazng your life is and how much you love your friends. For these days bangers are a little too much - everyone just wants to chill out, and this track is soaked in australian sunshine-groove. A bassline borne out of some weird coupling of 70's funk and 80's synth, haunting vocals, and a beat that bounces but doesn't bash you over the head. Pile into the car, roll down the windows, put this on, and everybody bob their head and think about how awesome last night was, and no matter how much you wish you could back but can't, you'll always the friends and the memories.

- Dan


  1. well, it's new again. i'm bringing it back. i just go so amped that someone posted - we need some reader input..