Sunday, March 15, 2009

Song of the Day: Study Sunday Edition

I'll Be Brief
Finals suck big fat donkey dick. Some days (like today) are spent not doing anything fun, but just studying, studying, and studying some more. Occasionally you can break up the monotony with an awesome activity like laundry - RAD! On days like these it just feels wrong to listen to bangers - just makes you regret your situation even more, plus it's distracting. Instead, you need some nice relaxing tunes to soothe your brain and calm your nerves (especially if you're pounding coffee/using stronger stuff). Classical is theoretically the best thing for studying, but honestly it's just not my bag. I used to use jazz (just put Coltrane's discography on repeat in itunes...) but eventually that got distracting. Fortunately I've got Bonobo's album 'dial m for monkey' which is a real nice chunk of instrumental chill-ness (I wish there was a less horrible word I could think of to describe their style, but I'm failing), grounded in the pairing of downtempo, hip-hop inflected drumbeats and subtle-but-effective basslines, with multiple haunting melodies layered on top, with flute riffs coming in and out to pique your interest. Basically it makes me feels like an educated philosopher in my study, which is what I need during finals week. Hopefully it does the same for you.


BONUS - One more from the same album, so you can get a little work done. - BONOBO - NOCTUARY - DOWNLOAD

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