Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jockin on them haters man

Is that a crutch or a pimp cane?

My blogging shitstorm begins now. 

Andrew Bynum is out for 8-12 weeks with a torn ligament in his knee. This is a definite blow to the team. You could feel a sense that "the dream is over" when he went down. 
Yet I am taking this news amazingly well. 

Why you might ask? Isn't this just like last year? Don't we need him to compete for a title?

First, this injury is COMPLETELY different from last years. Most importantly, there will be no surgery. It just needs time to heal. He's not gonna have to do rehab or anything like that, so when they say 8-12 weeks, I believe he will be back at the latest in 12 weeks. Did anybody see his interview before the Lakers played the Knicks. He did not seem stressed AT ALL. He seemed like he enjoyed the attention, of people asking how he feels. I know he's a dumbass kid, but there was no look of worry from a guy who already knows how bad an injury can be. As long as some freak accident doesn't happen, I have no reason to believe he won't be there for the playoffs and the Finals. 

And that is really all that matters. If you watched any of the NBA personalities on TV last night, the question they all had to answer was "how does this change the West?" And because of their contractual obligation to act like somebody besides the Lakers will represent the conference in the Finals, they talked about San Antonio, Denver, etc. It's all a grand scheme to make it seem games like Denver vs. New Orleans are worth watching cause they could have some implication on who comes out of the West. I'm sure people at NBA TV were jumping for joy when Bynum went down, saying "Yes, the West is wide open again! We can talk about how San Antonio is waiting in the wings and the Hornets are maturing!"

Total bullshit. No one is catching the Lakers. Hollinger agrees in his per diem. San Antonio? Seriously? Did you watch the series last year? This is where people say retarded things like "Roger Mason really brings a new dimension to this team." And New Orleans and Utah have both fallen off cliffs this year. So just stop making a fool of yourself and start thinking of who the Blazers can trade for with Raef Lafrentz expiring contract so they can compete NEXT YEAR. 
(They should also be talking non stop about who the Cavs can get for Wally's expiring contract. That thing is huge, and there are some biiiig fish out there that could be traded. Amare anyone? And on the topic of the Cavs, can people stop acting like they are soo decimiated by injuries because Delonte West isn't in? ITS DELONTE FUCKING WEST! Just cause he plays next to LeBron and has a basketball brain does not make him expendable, its just that the Cavs suck so bad that no one can fill his tiny role.)

If this costs us home court in the Finals, so be it. There was no guarantee we would have the better record than Boston or Cleveland with Bynum anyway. 

So what comes of this? Maybe the shock will make the Lakers focus, so they might actually care about beating teams like Charlotte. And is it so bad to have a team that took Boston to 6 in the Finals with a much improved Trevor Ariza terrorizing everyone on the court? I think not. 

In other news, the "Lamar Odom Contract Year Push" SHOULD begin this Thursday. But being Lamar, I could be completely wrong, but on the road against Boston in his second game back as a starter would go a long way to making people forget that he hasn't done shit all year to try and boost his value, not to mention last year's performance against them.  You have to wonder if Lamar even knows/cares its his contract year. He's like the high school slacker who doesn't care what he gets on his SAT's because he can just go to community college, except this community college gives him 8-10 mill a year. (BTW, I've been wanting to write something on Lamar, expect that sometime before the season ends.)


  1. yea dude, i feel your arguments. too bad you didn't get a michael phelps reference in there. i was hoping for one. can't wait for future community college signing day updates!!!

    -tom daschle