Monday, February 23, 2009


So I think I know why Detox took so long to come out. I think it would have been dope in 2002, then Dre wanted to hype it up. But in that time period, music has just passed it by. This is not next level shit, it's absolutely basic, radio-friendly rap. Nothing special here. "Topless" is pretty tight, and I love the chill feel of "Shit Poppin Off", but none of these songs hold a candle to old Dre shit. And why the fuck is TI on every single song? Is this a trick, or is this just a Dre-produced T.I. album? And why can't I find any rap bloggers talking about this. THIS IS FUCKING DETOX, THE MOST HYPED ALBUM EVER! WE'RE ALL SUCKERS!

Maybe I overreacted right there, all I'm saying is that this new shit coming out from Dre and Aftermath, and that includes Eminem's "Crack a Bottle", is just not all that impressive. 
Listen for yourself, unless your a little bitch who is too lazy to go onto links, then just stop reading this blog altogether. 

Compare this to two of the brighter young gunner rappers who kill it (once again), with this new song "Look Up At Da Stars." Seriously, this song is the shit and I can't get enough of it, tags and all. 

BTW, in the top ten most annoying things you can do: go to a table where somebody has left there stuff in the library and sit across from them, then look at shit with your boyfriend while giggling and whispering to each other. EAT SHIT, DIE!

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