Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Absitnence is the Only Proven Form

Taking a Break

Sometimes, the only way to appreciate something is go without it for a bit. Sometimes, though, it's more just about getting healthy - like not smoking anything (even though you REALLY WANT TO) all week, because you've got a cough. Or, like I'm doing this week, not engaging with the massive sports-information-complex that dominates my internet time. That's right, one week, and I'm not checking espn.com, truehoop, dimemag, forumblueandgold.com, not one of them. I will watch Lakers games. That is all. Any analysis will have to come from within. The intent of this is twofold: clarify my own thoughts on the Lakers for future posts, and in addition, STOP WASTING SO MUCH TIME READING ABOUT SPORTS ON THE INTERNETS. I mean for a series of tubes I spend way too much time on it reading about what other people who know just as little as I do think about large men running around and throwing balls. Hopefully this energy can be channeled into something slightly more productive. We'll see.

we always do

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