Sunday, April 5, 2009

SotD: So Many Days Gone

Les Petits Pilous Sounds Like It Means The Small Pillows

Too many days gone to get a song for each one... tonight at least, as I want to go upstairs and watch Dr. Strangelove, which Steve has been waiting to do since he finished off brewing the newest batch of delicious homemade beer. A Cream Ale today.. I'm stoked. I think we might have to start bringing beer stuff onto the blog, because homebrews rule, and beer is just amazing in general, but you don't need ME to tell you that. What you do need me for is getting some new tunes. Well, "need" might overstate the relationship, but let's just assume that someone might download these.

Today we have some non-bangers for the chill-out set, a medium-grooving disco take for the hipsters, and, of course, a few bonafide dancefloor exploders. EXPLODERS, I TELL YOU!

Chillness is female vocals, spare drum beats, and a barely there bassline that makes you want to light one up and lie back in a loving embrace on the couch. If there's actually someone with you even better, but the weed does a pretty good embrace if not.

1. Little Boots - New in Town (Fred Falke Remix) - DOWNLOAD - this one's for my good friend Ben, in reference to the need to chill out a bit after getting into road rage fist fights in hollywood...
2. La Roux - In For the Kill (Skream Remix) - DOWNLOAD & In For the Kill (Foamo's Remix of the Remix) - DOWNLOAD - Rainy days, long lost loves, etc. Smoke a cigarette while dramatically staring off into the distance while this one plays. Skream is morning times, Foamo is night.

Bangers are when 3000 people are all on the beach, drunk and salty and sweaty and wet and hot and just breaking it the fuck down, and then some shit comes busting out of the speakers that just gives everyone temporary epilepsy and that shit drops and you FREAK THE FUCK OUT. That's what it's all about, ladies and gentleman. Floatoapia 2009 was the illest, probably will never again be as cool as it was this year, so here's a song that made it bounce out on the sand on Saturday, and one to make it bounce on the dancefloor next Saturday.

1. Les Petits Pilous - Wake Up - DOWNLOAD - HOLY SHIT. Nuff' said. Absurdly dirty.

2. Proxy - Tha Raven (Les Petits Pilous Remix) - DOWNLOAD - Yes, yet another remix of that fantastically filthy track from Russian doom-meister Proxy, but damn if it isn't worth rocking out to. Strictly necesary? Maybe not, but then again, are dance parties? A little repetition through reinvention is great to groove to, and besides, now you have TWO Les Petits Pilous made tracks.

Oh Yeah! The 'medium bangers'. Just one - for the good times of the next day, when it's still nice out, and you're just taking it easy, getting life back together. Enjoyable.

1. Animal Collective - My Girls (Hatchmatik Disco Bootleg) - DOWNLOAD - A.C. are amazing. My Girls might be my favorite song of the year so far... cliche but true. So good. Add a little dance spice to the hauntingly catchy vocal hook with this mix.

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