Monday, January 26, 2009

The Definition of Chillin'

This Post To Be Aurally Accompanied By:
We Are The People (Ted & Francis Remix)

This first post feels so artificial, so forced, which of course is a concern based upon the assumption that anyone will actually ever read this. Trying to tailor a drug-and-sports-and-pop-culture induced rant to an audience is naturally gonna present some difficulties. So basically, I'm going to ignore the idea of an audience, and I'm going to ask you all (all 3 of you) to give me a free pass for a couple posts. If I suck, it's not for lack of effort or material, but rather the hesitance and vagueness that accompanies any new endeavor. Think of what Andrew Bynum looked like during his first two seasons. If I get crammed on by the Shaq of confusing sentence structure and a lack of compelling analysis, the hope is that I will respond with a spin move of humourous anecdotes and my own dunk of an accurate description of my twisted perception of the NBA, electro-bangers (Toobi handles hip-hop), movies, politics, drunkeness, pot, bruises, Australia, that girl you always see on the way to class, craft-brewing (Steve's department), loudspeakers, God, the Internet, the World, and Everything. Eventually I will grow into my 7 ft. body (writing style) and will become a double-double machine and clog the lane. Interpret that as you will.

Real Shit Coming Soon Like Tomorrow.

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