Monday, May 4, 2009

Thoughts from the Recession


I have an ongoing list of things I want to happen because of the recession:

-Concerts and sporting events become cheaper and easier to buy tickets for. 
-More people become nurses and teachers.
-Financial Doucheness becomes a thing of the past.
-Marijuana is legalized due to the tax income for state budgets.
-All party photographers become homeless people. 

On another note, TUWP fam Emile killed it last night at his performance. I have no idea what things like that our supposed to be like, but I imagine not many feature J Dilla tributes. Hearing those trademark sirens was a really pleasant surprise. Here's a song that was reimagined last night ( I think, at least). 

And happy Cinco de Mayo. Can't wait for all of us non-Mexicans to use a fake holiday barely celebrated in Mexico to commemorate a battle against the French army that delayed them from occupying the capital for a couple of months by eating and drinking a lot of Mexican stuff. No seriously, Mexican food and beer are DELICIOUS. Who wants to go to El Sitio with me?

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